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As of Feb. 23

Dug, age 10 months

Dug is a gorgeous neutered male Australian Shepherd mix weighing about 40 lbs. He is sweet, happy and ready for love.  Dug is mostly house trained once he knows exactly where to go potty (outside), and is crate trained, but will whine and cry initially before settling down. He will not make a good apartment dog.  Dug wants to play with other dogs, has been around cats and children. He is working on not jumping on his people and knows how to Sit and Shake.   Such a handsome buy!

Dug was born about April 2019. 

Tigger, age 4

Tigger is a cute neutered male Chihuahua mix weighing about 11 lbs. He is very sweet and easy going. Tigger is shy at first -- he has been through a lot since his people moved and could not bring him along. He is doing much better in foster every day, warming up and getting into a routine.   He is house trained and crate trained. Tigger gets along fine with other dogs and people.  Sweet  Tigger is ready for a new place to call home, to be loved and cherished.  He was born about January 2016. 

Wrigley, age 1

Wrigley is a darling neutered male Chiweenie (Chihuahua/Dachshund mix) weighing 12 lbs. This guy is very sweet, happy and fun; a little shy at first but he quickly warms up and wants to be your best friend. Wrigley loves to run around the back yard and play with his foster siblings, sit on the patio and soak up the sun, and he loves to play with small plush toys.  He loves to curl up on the couch while we watch TV and he loves belly rubs and attention.  Wrigley is working on manners such as not jumping up in excitement every time we stop to pet him -- he really is eager to please. Wrigley is treat motivated and is not a fussy eater. He is house trained and goes out happily when asked.  Wrigley sleeps quietly all night in his bed in the master bedroom and is crated during the day if foster mom leaves to run errands.  Whenshe is home during the day, he roams around, checks on her, and likes to nap.   He was born about January 2019. 

As of Feb. 15

Paddy, age 5

Scruffy alert!!   Meet Paddy, a darling neutered male Chihuahua mix weighing about 8 lbs. This little guy is a lover. He is affectionate, playful, snuggly, loves to give kisses and is ready for LOVE! Paddy is good with other dogs and would likely be fine with cats if introduced slowly and appropriately.  He is working on his house training and crate training. Paddy is playing like crazy with one of his foster brothers and is enjoying the toy basket, bringing out all of the toys and taking turns with each one. What a fun little guy!  Paddy has a minor front leg deformity. Our vet believes his front leg was injured and not managed medically, so it healed on it's own. It doesn't stop him from getting around without issue! And it certainly hasn't stopped him from playing like a firecracker and running around the yard to do squirrel patrol!  $250  Paddy was born about January 2015. 

Jack Black, age 1

Jack Black is a darling neutered male Maltese/Schnauzer mix weighing about 16 lbs. He has some definite Maltese and Schnauzer traits about his personality:  He loves to "pray" when he gets excited, now that's a Maltese! And the hunter in him is indicative of a Schnauzer. Watch out squirrels in the yard, Jack Black is on patrol!! He loves to be outside and watch the birds and of course, chase the squirrels. Jack came to rescue with a very matted coat -- mats on tops of his mats, two collars buried in fur. We cut his fur short and it has grown back in nicely!

     Jack Black is a very sweet and happy boy. He is a very animated player and loves other dogs and his toys. He is slow to warm up to people, but he is a snuggle bug and once he trust you, look out! He is FULL of love and adorable-ness.  Jack can be a bit skittish at times, loud noises and too much football excitement can scare him! LOL. He is very sensitive and doesn't do well with negative reinforcement, but does well with positive reinforcement and is very treat motivated. House training is going great as long as he goes outside consistently. Jack is crate trained and is crated in his foster mom’s bedroom at night.  What a great little guy. If you have time and patience, he will win your heart over and be an amazing pet for your family. Jack Black will do best when placed in a home with another dog to play with.   Jack Black was born about October 2018. 

As of Feb. 9

Peyton, age 1

Peyton is the perfect sized dog for a family, weighing right at 38 lbs. This girl is a super star ... social, playful, house trained, crate trained and ready for love.  Peyton is also great with other dogs. She loves her toys, chew bones, walks and playing with other doggies. Such a lover, she is also a seasoned cuddler!! Perfect weather to snuggle with this little girl. Peyton is great on leash and is being fostered in an apartment setting without issue.  She was born about January 2019.​

As of Feb. 2

Lone Ranger, age 8 months

Lone Ranger is a very handsome neutered male Tibetan Spaniel/Golden Retriever mix weighing about 30 lbs. He has very short legs with a stocky body. His coat is gorgeous, flat and long. Ranger is full of life and love. He will need work on basic obedience, house training and crate training. This dog seems very loyal ... for every minute of time and effort you put into him, you will get it back ten fold. He is eager to play with other dogs, so having a playmate for him would be wonderful!  Ranger was born about May 2019. 

Major, age 2

Major is a sweet and docile neutered male Anatolian Shepherd weighing about 80 lbs. Major came to us as a stray and has made himself at home in foster care. Major is totally house trained, crates nicely, and walks on a loose leash. He is easy going tho still a bit shy in new settings. Major is a lover, enjoys being pet and scratched and loved on. He loves attention and will reach out with his nose by hitting your hand for more lovin'.  Major loves being outdoors to play in the leaves and chase squirrels.  He has been around a toddler and was so sweet and gentle.He is very quiet, rarely barks and is super gentle.  We are seeking a special, loving home for him, he deserves the very best. Major was born about July 2017. 

Elmo, age 6 months

Elmo is a sweet Dachshund puppy weighing 14 lbs. as of Jan. 16.  He is such a sweet boy-- friendly, active, playful and ready for love.  Elmo likes to play fetch with his ball. He’s doing well on house training and sleeps through the night in his crate. He is good with other dogs and loves to curl up on the couch next to his person. He sits for treats and understands what "No" and "Leave it" mean. Elmo prefers to be inside unless he is outside for a potty break.  He was found at a vape shop, and anice family took him into their home temporarily until rescue assistance could be found -- now he is in our care!  This guy is going to make a great family pet!  Elmo was born about July 2019. 

As of Jan. 24

Jack, age 1

Jack is a small neutered male terrier mix weighing just 12 lbs.  With those short legs and longer hair, maybe he has some Corgi in him?  He is darling, full of life and love, playful and friendly.   Jack is learning about the good life, an inside and safe life for a loving little dog. He is working on house training and crate training, but he is a smart one! He just needs help with rounding out his manners, and what a lover!   Jack loves to play with other dogs, so we hope you have a playmate for him!   Jack was born about December 2018.   

Pixie, age 7 months

Pixie is a sweet, petite neutered male black and white male kitten weighing about 6 lbs.  He loves cuddling with people and playing with brother Zig Zag and other cats. He also gets along well with cat-friendly dogs after proper introduction.  His play style is springy and athletic--very entertaining to watch!  Pixie is litter box trained and was born about June 17, 2019.

Ruth, age 10 months

ALL DECLAWED!!!  Ruth is a very sweet, petite spayed female weighing about 7 lbs. Her family was no longer able to care for her so we are helping her find her new family.  Ruth is playful and loves her toys. She loves to hang out with her humans and be near them at night. She is definitely a cuddler!   Ruth has lived in a home with other cats and got along well with them. She would probably do fine with dogs if introduced appropriately. Ruth is litter box trained.   She was born about March 2019.

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