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As of Oct. 18

Hazel, age 1

Hazel is a cutie and look at that cute little under bite!!! We think she is a Yorkie/Pug mix, and maybe has some Chihuahua in her too. This little girl weighs in at just 12 lbs. She is friendly, affectionate, spunky and ready to find that special place called forever!   Hazel is house trained and seems to be doing fine with her foster sibs comprised of 4 dogs and 1 cat (who thinks he's a dog)!  We do feel as though Hazel will do best as an only dog.  She is decent on leash and loves her toys. She is also doing very well with her crate training.   Hazel needs to be placed in a home with a secure, fenced-in yard, preferably a privacy fence. We will place her in a home with children over the age of 12 only. She is fine with men and women.   Hazel was born about October 2019. 

Do-si-do, age 6 months

     Do Si Do is an affectionate male gray kitten  weighing 5.8 lbs at age 16 weeks (on 7/22/20). He is big for his age, the biggest of his litter. He will probably be a large cat at full adult size, maybe 12 lbs. Some folks love the biggies, and we think he is one of them!  This guy has had a rough start but he is loving, curious and is ready to find his forever home. Do Si Do is completely litter box trained and is great with other cats and dogs once he acclimates to them; in fact, he loves to play with the dogs in his foster home!  His favorite things, next to playing with the dogs, are laying on the back of the couch near your head and catching flies in the house! So, take those fly strips down and just let Do Si Do do the work. He is quite entertaining to watch, his acrobatic skills are impressive!!!  Foster mom reports his favorite place to be while she is working from home is under her desk.

     Do Si Do is very shy at first and will take a solid week to warm up to someone, this is his biggest challenge. We know there is someone out there who has the patience to love him for who he is and give him the time he needs to adjust to a new setting. New people just scare him, and that's ok ... once he is acclimated, he is lovely. He is playful, fun and acts normal ...  If you think you have the time, love and patience to consider this guy, call us today, or email. He will be worth it, he is beautiful inside and out!  He was born about March 10, 2020.  

Sissy, age 4 months

Sissy is a sweet little dilute Tortie kitten weighing 5.2 lbs as of 8/20/20, at age 18 weeks. She is a little shy at first, but once she trusts you, she is perfectly fine. She is playful with her toys and has lived with another kitten and dogs in a home.  We would prefer not to place Sissy in a home without small kids under the age of 8 due to her initial shyness. Sissy was born about February 14, 2020.  ADOPTION ONLY TO PEOPLE LIVING IN THE TULSA METRO AREA

As of Oct. 10

Gunther, age 4 months

Gunther is a very sweet male adolescent kitten weighing 5 lbs. at age 16 months.  He is very easy to handle, social and playful. He loves toys of all kinds and will be fine with dogs or cats in his new home if he is introduced slowly and appropriately (yes, there is a way to introduce a new cat to every home)!  Gunther has a great personality, he is loving and enjoys belly rubs, ear scratches and time with his peeps. He loves his cat tree, and he is completely litter box trained!  Perkins was born about May 20, 2020.   ADOPTION ONLY TO PEOPLE LIVING IN THE TULSA METRO AREA

As of Oct. 4

Laila, age 1

So sweet, happy and great with everyone!!! C'mon, where is her family???

Laila is a beautiful female Labrador Retriever weighing about 60 lbs. Laila is full of life and love-- boy oh boy is she affectionate and loving. She is a typical lab and LOVES people and playing with other dogs. She is great with kids.  Laila is house trained, crate trained and active. She will do best if placed in a home with another playful dog. She was cat tested and did fine; she was curious, but gentle and ignored them, even when they ran for kibble treats.  Laila needs a privacy fence. She loves to go on walks, play with toys and snuggle with humans.  She is good with children. She was born about June 2019. 

Callum, age 1

Callum is a sweetheart, a playful neutered male weighing about 8 lbs. Extremely social, Callum follows his 8 year old male foster sibling just like a little brother follows a big brother but he really enjoys playing with his slightly younger foster sister. Over the last few months he has had several fosters come through his foster home and he adjusted quickly. He couldn’t wait to play with them! He would do best in a home with another playful cat, he just loves feline companionship so much. He loves to play with a wand toy, carries stuffed mice around and races around the condo like a track star. Callum eats well and is great with the litter box.  Callum is shy at first with new people and is scared at showings but with patience he will come around to allowing belly rubs and ear scratches. Once he gets to know you well, he will allow you to pick him up and cuddle for short bursts of time. Often he curls up next to foster mom with his head or his paw on her leg to catnap. His coloring is just gorgeous, as are his eyes. He is a typical kitten and loves to climb and explore. He was born about May 2019.  Callum is waiting for a home without children.

As of Sept. 19

Sugar Bear, age 2

Sugar Bear is a darling female Chug (a Pug/Chihuahua mix) weighing about 13 lbs. She is very animated and playful. Sugar Bear is house trained and crate trained, and she loves to play with other dogs her size once she knows them after a proper introduction!  This little girl is VERY loving ... she gets super excited at play time and stands on her back legs and puts her paws straight up in the air, like "pick me, pick me". It's so cute! She absolutely loves it when foster mom comes home or wakes her up in the morning for breakfast, she is a happy dog.  Her indoor dog manners are pretty good. She isn't a chewer and knows to potty outside for sure. You do have to watch the door though as she has darted into the garage a few times, then thinks it's a big game. We are working on wait and stay for safety reasons. She also has a habit of climbing up on the table, so push your chairs in and use positive reinforcement to curb that behavior! We are and it's working!   Sugar Bear doesn't seem to play with toys too much, but will occasionally chew on a Nyla bone or play with a soft dog toy. She has not been cat tested and she hasn't been around young children yet. Sugar Bear requires a privacy fenced in back yard, no chain link for this girl.   She was born about July 2018.

Perkins, age 4 months

Perkins is a handsome male Tuxedo kitten weighing 5.5 lbs. at age 18 weeks. He is so cute and snuggly!  Perkins is very social, likes to play with kitty toys and is completely litter box trained.  He has lived with another kitten and some larger dogs in the house. He is a sweetheart, AND he is ready to find a place he can call his forever home! Maybe it's with you! Perkins was born about April 20, 2020.   ADOPTION ONLY TO PEOPLE LIVING IN THE TULSA METRO AREA

Weena, age 7

Weena is a beautiful spayed female Snowshoe weighing just barely 7 lbs. The Snowshoe breed is a Siamese cat mixed with a solid white cat ... the breed was developed in the '70s in Philadelphia. They are beautiful and generally have very pleasant and calm personalities!
   Weena is stunning ... simply gorgeous with her piercing blue eyes and lush coat. Weena looks like a hot fudge sundae with rich chocolate on her legs and lighter vanilla ice cream blends with a little of both mixed together.  This girl has lived with a small child and a boxer without issue. She is doing fine so far with her foster cat sister, with a very slow introduction.  Weena likes to talk when it's dinner time, she has a darling little chirpy sounding chatter, it's darling. It's not loud, just enough to make her presence known. She loves to eat and LOVES affection. Some of these pics show her paw reaching out for more, more pets!  Weena is litter box trained and has very good indoor manners. She is chill, but likes her peeps. We can see her being a lap kitty, as long as you don't stop loving on her!  Weena was born about February 2013.  ADOPTION ONLY TO PEOPLE LIVING IN THE NORTHEASTERN OKLAHOMA AREA

As of Sept. 12

Bella, age 8 months

Bella is a gorgeous spayed female German Shepherd/Malinois mix weighing about 50 lbs. She is full of energy and is ready for that special place to call home. SHE REQUIRES A 6' PRIVACY FENCE and to be the only dog in the home.  Bella is house trained and is learning about crate training now. She is doing well with her crate training. She is super smart ... she knows sit and shake. She LOVES to play ball and frisbee ... and she can do it for a long time, so get ready!   She is decent on leash, but does pull some. Bella will do best as the only dog as she is very puppy like and energetic. Most other dogs don't know how to handle her, and she can be dominant.   This girl is amazing, but needs the right home. If you are active and are ready for a very smart girl in your life, email us and apply!    Bella was born about December 2019. 

G.M., age 1

G.M. is a handsome neutered male lab/boxer mix weighing about 55 lbs. Boy, is he handsome! He has great tiger/brindle striping blended with his pure white coat, such a handsome boy! He looks a little sad in these pictures, so we will work to get some better ones.  G.M. is friendly and easy going. He is good with people and other dogs when introduced slowly and appropriately. We haven't cat tested him yet, but he has a very nice personality, so kids 10 years old and older should be just fine!   G.M. needs a privacy fence and someone to love him.  He loves belly rubs and is learning about leash walking. G.M. is doing great on his house training and is also learning about crate training. He is ready for a bright future with a family who will love him and want him in their lives!   He was born about August 2019.

As of Sept. 7

Blue, age 4

Meet our majestic Lab/Great Dane mix named Blue ... his color is very neat, he is a mix of blue/black ... Blue is a large dog, weighing in at 74 lbs., but he is calm, slow, easy and laid back.  This guy lived with a border collie mix for his entire life. He originally was found as a puppy, grieving over his deceased sibling in the road who had been hit by a car. A kind man took Blue and kept him until he died from cancer about 5 months ago.   Blue is quiet and laid back. He is easy going, house trained and doesn't bother things in the house, so a baby gate or loose in the house (once acclimated) is fine.   He has been around adolescent kids without issue, but of course, new things need to be taken in stride. He has been through a lot, but is a fantastic dog who deserves a great life. Maybe it's with you!   Blue was born about August 2016.

Tommy, age 1

Tommy is a handsome neutered male Husky/German Shepherd mix weighing about 62 lbs. He is just gorgeous and is getting more handsome each day! Naturally, he does shed, so if shedding is an issue, this is not the dog for you.  Tommy is house trained and crate trained. He loves people and is good with other dogs. Tommy requires an owner who has a good exercise plan for him, AND a privacy fence only. He has a good energy level, so we want to be sure his new family is prepared for that ... although he is the King of snuggling. He is not 24/7 energy, he has two speeds and does enjoy TV and relaxing time!  He has not been cat tested, and will do well in a home with kids over the age of 12. Tommy is decent on leash, he does pull some. He enjoys toys like plush toys, nyla bones and digestible rawhide chews.  Tommy's front right leg was broken and we had it surgically repaired. Poor guy was on 9 weeks of cage rest! He is just about ready to be out and about and enjoy life again with a solid limb!  Check him out today - he is a sweetheart. He was born about May 2019. 

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