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As of Mar. 30

Ben, age 1

ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS - EMAILS ONLY, NO PHONE CALLS OR TEXTS PLEASE. Qualified applicants have a vet reference, dog experience, at least one other playful dog in the home, a secure privacy fence and no children under the age of 12.

     Handsome Ben is a 23 lbs terrier mix. We have no idea what he is mixed with! His gorgeous coat is soft and coarse in areas. This boy has a gentle and sweet spirit. He and his brother Jerry were abandoned in a house, then ran the neighborhood and found shelter underneath another abandoned house. We trapped them both and started working on getting them healthy, less fearful and social.    Now, Ben is a happy boy. He is great with people, a little timid at first, LOVES other dogs and is playful with them, and is working on basic manners.    Ben seems to be doing very well on house training and crate training. He learns his boundaries quickly. He loves to be brushed, as he DOES shed, and he enjoys lots of pets and affection from his peeps.    Ben is a flight risk, so we will only place him in a home with dog savvy owners, no kids under the age of 12 and a very secure fenced in yard.   Ben will benefit from some basic obedience training, only because his original owners didn't do a thing with him, and there's nothing better than a well mannered, well-rounded dog to share your life with, right? RnRAF will reimburse his new owners 50% of a 9 week training class at K9 Manners & More in Broken Arrow once training is completed! Now THAT'S a deal!  Ben was born about January 2020. 

Mozart, age 2

Mozart is a gorgeous neutered male long hair tabby weighing about 10 lbs. He needs to gain a little more weight, but he is a great eater, so we are confident he will fill out in time.   Mozart was rescued from a lady's yard. He had been there for a long time and she had been feeding him. He was very matted and his coat was in poor condition due to the outdoor elements, but it's getting so much better and all the mats are gone! He let us brush all of them out and was incredibly tolerant of that process!   Mozart is quiet and easy going. He is great with his female foster friend felines and with people. He should do fine with other cats IF introduced slowly and appropriately. We can help describe that process for you! He is a tad timid at first, but once he knows you are going to pet him and love on him, he is seeking more and more!  He is litter box trained and enjoys sitting in a cat tree looking out the window, or getting loved on. This boy is a keeper, check him out today!  He was born about March 2019.  ADOPTION ONLY to people living in northeastern Oklahoma.

Salsa, age 1

Salsa is ready to cha cha cha her way into your life! This sweet, fun and active lady weighs 43 lbs.  She is great with people, other dogs and cats. She LOVES to play with other dogs her size or bigger. She may be too much for a dog smaller than 20 lbs. though, so keep that in mind!   She is house trained AND crate trained ... sounds great, right? Well, it is, and she will make a great family pet.    She is learning about how fun toys can be, is good on leash, and is a little nervous at first, but warms up very quickly in the right environment.   Put your dancing shoes on and meet this little girl for some dancing! She will be ready on the dance floor for you!    Salsa was born about September 2019. 

As of Mar. 27

Lacy, age 12

SENIOR ALERT -- Meet our sweet senior Lacy, a beautiful spayed female Schnauzer weighing 19 lbs. Look at that cute face and .... those ears!   Lacy has a lot of life to live and is quite active for a senior girl. She also loves to lounge on the couch, snuggling with her foster parents and enjoys watching TV with them. Her favorite place is wherever her people are. Lacy is affectionate, friendly and loves to give kisses. She is a great eater and is house trained and crate trained.  She lived with another dog and got along very well with her, and she is doing great with the dogs in her foster home (both male & female). Lacy will do best in a home without cats, she is just too interested in them and will chase them.   Lacy enjoys playing some with stuffed toys, and loves being outside exploring the back yard.  She will do best when fed her meals in a crate or baby gated from other dogs.  Lacy will require routine, professional grooming for her non-shedding coat.  Lacy was born about February 2009. 

TJ, age 16

ELIGIBLE APPLICANTS must live within 30 minutes of Tulsa, have a dog/vet reference, have another dog in the home as a playmate for TJ, be retired and/or work from home and a secure fenced in yard. 

TJ is a handsome neutered male Schnauzer weighing about 18 lbs.    TJ has quite the story, so be sure to read all of it.   TJ was adopted from us in October 2019. His owner moved to Oregon, and shortly thereafter went through a difficult time and surrendered him to a Humane Society there. When the staff scanned TJ for a microchip, they were led back to us. Off we went to get him, and bring him back to Tulsa, to rehome him appropriately.  TJ has some anxiety ... but it's not horrible. He is not destructive, but he is anxious when he is left alone, therefore, he will do best in a home where adults are home frequently or work from home. He also loves the company of other dogs, so we would prefer to place him in a home with another dog so that he can have a buddy. This too, will help with his anxiety. When he originally came to us in 2019, he came from a home with several other schnauzers, so he really is happiest in the company of at least one other dog!  

   Now that we are back in Tulsa, TJ has quickly become accustomed to a new routine. He is eating well, crating relatively well and is house trained again. No worries there ... he did "mark" a little bit once he was back, but we used a "belly band" immediately and he is already stopping that behavior.   He is playful, animated, loyal and affectionate - he is a typical Schnazuer. They are usually the life of the party, and TJ is just that ... he is vocal, so we will not place him in an apartment setting. Schnauzers ARE usually vocal, and he loves to chat up a storm when he is excited.   TJ is great on leash and loves his humans and furfriends immensely. He is a passionate little guy, not to mention gorgeous! He will snuggle on the couch with you to watch movies or sports, he will go on walks with you, he will lay at your feet when you are working .... he will be your buddy!   TJ will require professional grooming routinely, and he is shed free. He seems to be ok with cats in his foster home, but we haven't had him with small children, so to be safe and fair to him, we will only place him in a home with children who are age 12 and up.   Email us an application today about him and we will call you to discuss IF you meet the basic requirements mentioned in the very beginning of his bio. THANKS!  He was born about March 2015. 

As of Mar. 21

Chunkamonk, age 1

ACCEPTING APPS NOW. Meet 'n greets are set up after application is received and reviewed,  and AFTER this weather passes and streets are safe! 

Chunkamonk  is our very handsome neutered male Snowshoe cat weighing  a whopping 14 lbs. Yep, he is a BIG cat, but a big baby and lover! The Snowshoe breed is a mix of a purebred Siamese cat and a completely white cat. His blue eyes are simply gorgeous; a fabulous feature of this stunning breed!  This boy has lived with his siblings his entire life but the owner passed away and there are too many cats for the remaining family to manage.

      Chunkamonk is laid back and quiet. He has a VERY sweet demeanor. He is easy going ... these big boys are always laid back and big lovers!!! He loves to be scratched around his ears, and while we are still getting to know him, we know he is a gentle soul. He is shy though at first, so you must be patient for him to warm up in a new environment.   We will not place him in a home with young kids as he has never been around them. We want an adult only home for this sensitive guy.    He is a good eater, eating dry kibble routinely and he enjoys the gravy type wet foods in the evening. He is completely litter box trained, too!   There were dogs in the house, but they were separate from the cats. So, while he knows the sounds of barks and smells of dogs, he has not actually lived in their presence.  A slow acclimation with a cat savvy dog(s) should be fine.    Help us find this gentle boy a calm and loving home where he can enjoy his life. He was born about August 2019.  ADOPTION ONLY to people living in northeastern Oklahoma.

Belle Starr, age 3

Meet our beautiful Cowgirl, Belle Starr, a beautiful spayed female Heeler mix weighing about 35 lbs. Her face has a darling mask on it, so cute! Named after a famous cowgirl of the West, Belle is sure to be your best friend and companion for many sunsets over the range!   Belle is calm, quite and easy going. She is shy at first, but warms up quickly in the right environment. She lived in the country, on her own, for a few years, with other dogs (including her offspring), until all of them came to us in September. Now, she is ready to find a special place to call home.   Belle is a great eater and is crate trained and house trained. She has lived with other dogs. A slow and methodical introduction to other dogs went well and she is co-habitating nicely in her foster home with other dogs. We think she would also do pretty well with a cat, if introduced slowly and appropriately too.   Belle has a gentle and sensitive spirit about her. She will do best in a home that is calm, without children under the age of 12.  Belle Starr was born about October 2017. 

Freda, age 3


Freda is a delightful spayed female Chihuahua mix weighing about 15 lbs.  Freda's owner passed away and it was a very traumatic event for her. It has taken her time to come out of her shell and adapt, but she is a great little girl who deserves a loving and stable forever home.
    Freda is house trained if taken out routinely on leash in the back yard, initially. She loves her crate -- it is her safe place. She is a good eater and enjoys most other little dogs. She lives with 3 other small dogs right now in her foster home and is bonded to them.  She has also shown us that she loves cats! We think she thinks she is a cat sometimes!  She often snuggles with a foster cat who was in her foster home, it is so cute!
    Freda needs time to acclimate to a new setting, and once she does, she will be an amazing family pet. We prefer not to place her in a home with children. Ideally, her new home will be with adults only who are dog savvy, and with another dog (or cat who likes dogs) for her to have a buddy.  Freda requires a secure fenced-in yard and applicants must live within 30 mins of Tulsa.  Freda was born about August 2017. 

As of Mar. 2

Bear, age 11

Bear is our little neutered male Yorkshire Terrier weighing just 10 lbs. He is as cute as a button -- how can you say no to that face!   Bear's elderly owner passed away, so we stepped in to help him find a new place to enjoy life. Bear is house trained if taken out routinely and does not need to be crated. He has very good indoor manners.   Bear is fine with other dogs in the house but we have not cat tested him yet. We would prefer not to place him in a home with young children, so no one under the age of 12 please.   Bear loves to take naps and know where his peeps are, he follows his foster mom around the house to keep an eye on her when he isn't snoozing in his comfy bed. He is such a sweet boy, loves affection and will play with some of his soft squeaky toys from time to time. Bear is very low maintenance. He is just a darling senior needing some TLC and love in his life. Maybe it's with you!  Bear was born about March 2010. 

Jazzy, age 13

SENIOR ALERT! Jazzy is a darling spayed female Maltese weighing just 6 lbs. She is a little bit of nothing, yet FULL of love and life. Please don't over look her -- Seniors need love too! Give her a beautiful home and love for her remaining years. She is house trained and has good indoor manners. No crating needed.   She is fine with other dogs and cats, but no young kids please. Children ages 10 and older are perfectly fine. She is small and fragile, so thanks for understanding!   This little diva will need routine grooming at a professional groomer. She is fine with being bathed, handled and loved on. Jazzy was born about February 2007. 


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