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As of Dec. 9

Snow, age 1

Snow is a darling spayed female Maltese/Bichon Frise mix weighing just 8 lbs. She is full of life, fun and love.  Snow is good with other dogs and cats, and is doing well on her house training. She is learning about crate training.  Snow is friendly, social, easy to handle and shed free. She will require routine, professional grooming.   Snow was born about June 2018. Qualified applicants must live within 45 mins of Tulsa, have a completely fenced in yard, small dog breed experience, and positive vet reference. 

As of Dec. 8

Annabelle, age 4

Annabelle is a sweet FRONT DECLAWED spayed tabby cat weighing about 8 lbs. She is not shy with humans and gets along with other cats if introduced slowly and appropriately. She loves to chat with you but is not overly vocal at all. Annabelle enjoyed sleeping under her dad's shoulder at night in bed with him, but he moved and could not take her with him.  Annabelle is very affectionate! She will curl up and lounge on your lap during coffee or TV time.  She is on a prescription diet to prevent urinary crystals. She is eating CD by Hills, which costs about $35.00 per month.  She is litter box trained. She really is a nice cat and needs to find a new home - please give her a break and check her out today.  Annabelle was born about July 2016.

Baby Ruth (female)

Junior Mint (male)

Lady Godiva's litter, age 7 weeks (DOB 10/17/19)

Introducing the Candy Bar puppies! These kiddos are friendly and playful. They love attention, their toys and are pretty quiet for their age.  Mom has a typically wonderful Shih Tzu personality - happy, social, easygoing, affectionate, and good with other dogs.  The pups and their weight at age 6 weeks (we expect them to be 11-14 lbs full-grown).
   Baby Ruth is a snuggly girl weighing 2.1 lbs.
   Junior Mint is fun and feisty at 2.06 lbs.

   Sweet Marie is active and adventurous at 2.58 lbs.

   Tango is a cautious with new things, then full of life at a hefty 3.26 lbs.

The pus are being weaned from mom, Lady Godiva, and will be ready to transition to their new homes at about age 9 weeks, after December 19. They are using puppy pads and are getting ready for their new homes.  Shih tzus are great family pets, happy, social and playful. They require routine professional grooming.   Adopters must live within 45 minutes from Tulsa for home visit purposes, have a fully enclosed/fenced in yard, a positive vet reference and small dog breed experience. 

Sweet Marie (female)

Tango (male)


As of Nov. 30

Lola and Luna, age 2

Meet our little duo, Luna & Lola. Luna weighs 9 lbs and Lola 11 lbs.

They are sweet, friendly, house trained, crate trained and good with other dogs. They enjoy play time, snuggle time and are very well behaved indoors.  Luna and Lola have been around children without issue, but since they are smaller, we prefer to place in a family with children over the age of 8.  Their owner passed away, so we stepped in to help them find a new, forever home, together. 

They were born about November 2017

Rocky, age 2

Rocky is an amazing neuter male Boxer/Lab mix weighing about 45 lbs. He is the PERFECT size and LOVES kids. This boy is also wonderful with other dogs, house trained and just an easy boy to love.   Rocky is friendly, snuggly, good on leash and ready to find that new place to call home. Maybe it's with you?  He was born about May 2017. 

Shadow, age 7

Shadow is a beautiful neutered male Cocker Spaniel weighing about 34 lbs.   Shadow loves toys, is affectionate, playful, social, great with other dogs and is ready for love. He is house trained and crate trained. Truly a winner, he will melt your heart and be an amazing companion for life!  Shadow came to rescue needing surgery for cataracts and cherry eye.  Thanks to helpful donations from our supporters, this surgery was a huge success. He also had orthopedic surgery for a subluxating patella.  So, he's our bionic man, oops, we mean dog! Why did we invest so much money on him?  Because he is AWESOME. He is an amazing dog with a loving heart and a gentle spirit.  He was totally worth it!  Ask about him today, change your life forever.  Shadow was born about November 2012. 

Opal, age 1

Opal is a beautiful spayed long hair female weighing about 7 lbs.  She is easy to handle, loves to be pet, is affectionate and integrated well to the foster cats at her house when done slowly.  Opal LOVES to watch from her window perch, she is completely litter box trained and will talk to you when she is ready for attention. Just a beauty!  Her name comes from the stone ...a stone so dedicated to the eye, so pleasing to the sight, it inspires love and hope, innocence and purity, luck and happiness. Opal was born about November 2018.

As of Nov. 23

Vana, age 8

Vana is a darling spayed female Chihuahua mix weighing about 9 lbs. She is super sweet and easy going, great with other dogs, house trained and crates with her door open at night.   This little girl is a low maintenance pet. She is good on leash and knows the ropes, nothing too hard with her!  Vana enjoys lounging in her doggie bed with her Nyla bone, napping and watching the birds outside. She is very good about going in and out for potty breaks and enjoys the sun and outdoors. She minds well and comes inside when called.   Vana was born about October 2011. 

Anya, age 2

Anya is a delightful spayed female Beagle mix weighing just 10 lbs.  Such a doll!  Anya is initally shy, but in just a short time she is just like your shadow. She is very affectionate and loves to be near her foster mom. Anya gets along great with the dogs and cats in her foster home and loves being outside or on the couch hanging out with her humans.  She was born about April 2017.​

Happy, age 3

Happy is a delightful neutered male schnauzer weighing about 19 lbs. This guy is a doll!  He is house trained, crate trained, good with other dogs and cats. He is a happy dog, so his name is quite fitting! He loves to go on walks and enjoys all people, very friendly and social.  Happy came to us after his owner died. He is healthy and ready to find that new place he can call forever.  Happy Black was born about October 2016. 

As of Nov. 17

Orchid, age 4 months

Orchid is a playful medium large mixed breed puppy weighing 21 lbs as of 11/1/19. Orchid is very well behaved for a puppy and has a sweet personality. She loves to lie on the couch beside her foster mom when she’s not busy playing with her toys. She likes laser light, balls, antlers, digestible rawhide, and stuffed toys. knows sit, leave it, and no. Orchid is working on leash training and crate training. She is doing well on house training when taken out regularly; she will also use puppy pads when it’s raining outside.  She sleeps in her crate at night and runs to the crate for her nighttime Nudges treat; she will sleep through the night unless someone gets up in the middle of the night, in that case she will go out to potty and then go right back to her crate.  She is is affectionate, friendly and rides well crated in the car. 

     Orchid is good with other dogs and tries to get the dogs in her foster home to play with her but they are old and grouchy.  For special treats she loves baked or boiled chicken breast. And, this silly girl either loves or hates the broom -- she enjoys attacking it and is intent on vigorously shaking the broom and chewing the bristles when foster mom is sweeping.  Orchid was born about July 1, 2019 and may only be adopted by families who live in the greater Tulsa metropolitan area. 

TJ, age 6

TJ is a gorgeous neutered male Schnauzer weighing about 19 lbs. He has a beautiful salt and pepper coat which will require routine professional grooming.  TJ was owned by a family who had several schnauzers, but his human mom died and the human dad just couldn't manage all of them anymore. So TJ came to us to find a new family.  He is healthy, friendly, loves people.  Like many Schnauzers, he can be vocal, so is probably not best suited for an apartment. Other dogs barking tend to bring it on more than not, so he MAY be fine, just not sure. TJ has a great appetite and is house trained. He is learning about leash walking and is accustomed to being in a crate. He has not been with small children yet so we will only place him in a home with older adolescents.  He was born about October 2013. 

Lacy, age 4

Lacy is a darling female Pug/Chihuahua mix, we call a CHUG. She is amazing ... very sweet, friendly, easy going and ready for love. Her owner passed away and she came to rescue - such a well-mannered dog!  Lacy is good with other dogs and cats. She is easy to handle, house trained and uses potty pads too if you prefer that.  Lacy is good on leash as her prior home was a condo type living situation.  She does shed, like the Pug breed, but routine brushing and quality food will keep her coat healthy.  Lacy was born about October 2016

Bella, age 2 

SCRUFFY GIRL ALERT! Bella is a darling spayed female Yorkie/Chihuahua mix of 2 years 9 months old.weighing just 10 lbs. Tiny Bella is packed with personality -- she is playful, agile and always ready for an adventure!  Bella is house trained, crate trained, and is wonderful on leash.  Shel would make a great apartment dog!  Her coat is somewhat soft yet coarse in spots. She is a low shedder and probably needs a trim, but she is so cute when she is scruffed out!  Bella is very shy with new people, but once she knows you and trusts you, she is incredible. She just needs time to adjust.  If not an apartment dog, she needs a very secure fence. She is a bit of an escape artist and since she is so small, she can find places easily to escape. Leash walking in the yard or constant supervision will be required.  She is great with other dogs, but like a typical chihuahua, likes to be in charge when she first meets them. After the introduction, she is fine. Sorry, but  NO CHILDREN OF ANY AGE PLEASE ... they are too much for her, and she fears them.  Bella was born about January 2017.

Brownie, age 2

Brownie is an active, happy neutered male Yorkshire Terrier weighing about 12 lbs. He is a hoot! Full of life and energy, this little guy will benefit from some training to go with his great personality. He just hasn't had anyone work with him to show him what's ok and what's not ok ... he is GREAT with other dogs, LOVES to play and loves people too.  We will only place him with in a home with children over the age of 10 as he is mouthy when he gets excited. He doesn't ever bite down, but he communicates with his mouth when he is overstimulated, so we are working on that.  Brownie is also working on his house training. You see, he came from a home with two elderly people in wheelchairs and he just didn't get taken outside enough. So far, he is doing well with learning the ropes on house training and crate training.   Brownie was born about October 2018. 

As of Nov. 8

Anna Banana, age 4

Anna Banana is a sweet and friendly Tortoiseshell weighing about 10 lbs. Her coat is gorgeous! Anna Banana likes to be pet and scratched. She has lived with other cats, and uses the litter box routinely. Earlier in her life, she was scared of dogs, so we will likely to best in a home without dogs.  She will make a wonderful addition to a family who is ready for love! She was born about October 2015.

Diana Ross, age 1

DIVA alert ... Diana Ross is a beautiful petite spayed female short haired gray cat weighing 8.5 lbs.  She lived with other cats and dogs, but she is the diva, hence her name ... she may do best as the only cat, or with a male cat rather than a female cat. She is fine with dogs. Diana is completely litter box trained and is SASSY!  Such a beauty, she is fun, playful, active and ready for affection. Diana frequently rubs against foster mom's legs and seeks attention and affection. Diana Ross is a lover for sure, check her out today! She was born about October 2018.

Cami, age 4

Cami is snuggly, calm spayed female Lab mix weighing about 51 lbs. She enjoys playing with toys and hanging out with her foster sibling dogs (two schnauzers, one male, one female). She gets along well with other dogs too and is GREAT with people. Cami has a very good and even temperament. She is house trained and is confined with a baby gate to a small room when foster mom is at work for 4 - 5 hours per day.  Cami was found injured in a rural area. We had to amputate part of her tail due to a significant injury at the end of her tail, so she has a half tail now, but otherwise, she is fine. Cami was underweight when found, so she is a little protective of her food, but is fine when fed separately from other dogs.  This sweet baby will make someone a great family pet. Cami was born about October 2015.​

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