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As of May 23

Normy, age 2

Normy is an active neutered male Cairn Terrier mix weighing about 18 lbs.  Just look at that adorable face!   Normy is curious, playful and has a friendly personality. He gets along great with the dogs in his foster home and is learning to respect the cats.  Normy loves to be near his people and has fun running around in his foster home’s back yard. Normy loves to settle down in the evening and snuggle with his foster mom on the couch, and he really enjoys those belly rubs.  He is treat motivated and he will stand and do a twirl to get a treat! So cute!   Normy is house trained and sleeping well in his crate at night. Normy was born about November 2017. Applicants must have a vet reference and live within 45 minutes of Tulsa.

Daynin, age 2

BIG LUG ALERT!  Daynin is a big boy, but a CHILL boy. He is 2 and a half years old and 14 lbs!  Daynin is a lover and is ready to be stroked, brushed, loved and smothered with affection. He loves it! He is a talker too. At meal time, he chats it up! Daynin is one of those big, big male cats who have known to have calm and loving personalities. He is such an amazing guy.  He is completely litter box trained and has excellent indoor cat manners. He needs to be the only cat and only placed in a home with a cat savvy dog(s). We have not had him with young kids yet, but we think adolescent kids would be just fine, or kids who have cat experience.  Daynin was born about August 2017.

Joni, age 10 months

Meet Joni, an active young spayed female Cairn Terrier/Yorkshire Terrier mix weighing 12 lbs as of 3/25/20 (age 10 months). Don't let her bio scare you off -- she is just a puppy,and is already off to a great start of learning how to be a well behaved puppy in the home.  Qualified applicants must have the following to apply and be considered:
A vet reference, prior small breed experience, live within 30 mins of the Tulsa area,
a secure, privacy fence completely enclosing your yard, an active canine playmate
and no children under the age of 12 in the home.

     Joni is young and full of life. She will do best with an active playmate who will play with her! Joni is very loving, sweet, DARLING and lots to have fun! It's hard to say no to that adorable face!  She is curious, playful and full of personality. She loves to gnaw on a Nyla bone, play with a ball and run around in foster mom's back yard. It's a true agility course out there for her! Her hunting skills are pretty keen, true to both of the breeds in her suspected mix.

     Joni is working on her basic manners and obedience cues, and her house training is going VERY WELL. Just take her out routinely and prompt her to potty, and she will! She is also crating nicely. Overnight is a non-issue, and naps are working out fine too when positive reinforcement is practiced. She also eats her daily meals in her crate.  Joni is still play biting a little bit, so we are working on that, but it's only because she is totally over stimulated. For this reason, she will not be placed in a home with kids under the age of 12.

     Joni needs a secure, wooden, privacy fence. She is quite the hunter and incredibly agile. She can crawl up a stone and railroad tie walls like a pro. A privacy fence will keep her safe and in the yard.  Joni spent some time with a cat and did great, so she can be placed in a home with our feline friends.  Lastly, Joni will do best if taken to a reputable obedience training program of 8 weeks. She is smart, but further work on her obedience will set the stage for a long happy life with a well-behaved and loving little dog.

Andy, age 1

Andy is a very handsome neutered male Siamese mix weighing about 10 lbs. He is super easy to handle, great with humans and has beautiful blue eyes!  Andy is curious and enjoys exploring inside foster mom's house. He is completely litter box trained.  Andy is hissing some at the other cats in the house, even though he is being introduced slowly. We think he would be ok in a home with a cat savvy dog or dogs. Again, slowly introducing a new cat to other pets in the home is critical to long term success in co-habitating. Andy was born about October 2018.

Miley, age 12

SENIOR ALERT!   Please help us find Miley a new home
where she can happily live out her golden years. 

Miley is a spayed female Chihuahua mix weighing about 14 lbs. Her elderly owner passed away recently, and she was left with no one to care for her. We couldn't let her be alone, so we stepped in to help her.  Miley is WONDERFUL and very sweet with people. Miley would, however, prefer to be the only dog. She lived as an only dog her entire life before coming to us, so she is accustomed to being an only dog. We haven't cat tested her yet though.  Miley's foster mom loves to bring her on walks. She walks about a mile a day! It's amazing, and she LOVES it. She has a cute little strut about her.  She is house trained once she knows where to potty, she loves to follow her foster mom around the house and still has some spunk in her of course! Miley likes to sleep on a comfy dog bed, she won't get up on the furniture. She also enjoys the company of her foster dad.  Let's find Miley a quiet and comfortable retirement home!  She was born about April 2008.​

As of May 10

Oliver, age 2 months

Oliver is a darling male short hair kitten of 10 weeks old and 2.45 as of 4/8/20. This little guy is so adorable! He has a GREAT personality, is very social and super easy to handle.  As you can see, Oliver has the "I'm totally relaxed and in sleeping mode" position down to a science! Belly-up and all!   He has lived with other cats and dogs, a 10 year old girl and a foster mom. He loves everyone!  Oliver is curious, playful and full of life ... he is also completely litter box trained. Check this handsome little dude out today! He is ready to start his "forever" with you. Oliver was born about February 4, 2020.

Kibby, age 2

Kibby is a gorgeous spayed female dilute Calico -- her colors are lighter and less bold than a regular Calico. Kibby is Sis' sister and also weighs about 8 lbs. Her hair is a little longer than Sis' hair. Kibby is an explorer, she is super curious and loves to roam around and check things out. She LOVES to have her gorgeous coat brushed and her tail is nice and long. Kibby is playful and completely litter box trained. She has lived with other cats without issue and will tolerate cat savvy dogs.  Kibby was born about April 2018.

Mindy, age 1

Mindy is a precious spayed female short hair cat weighing about 8 lbs. waiting for that purrfect place to call home!  Mindy was abandoned in an apartment complex when her owner moved and left her. She was scared, starving and very unsure of people. Now, she is up to par on weight, enjoys snuggles and is completely accustomed to being back inside and living the life of a pampered house cat!  Mindy is living with another foster cat, but he doesn't like her very much. She has been around other cats before, so we believe with a slow introduction, she can live with another friendly cat(s) just fine. She has mastered the art of snuggling and does like toys ... wand toys are her favorite, but little soft mice toys are good too, oh and balls ... she likes balls. Mindy is completely litter box trained.  She is shy at first, but if you give her time and love, she will be an amazing companion  Mindy was born about May 2019.

Cinna, age 3

Cinna is a beautiful spayed female German Shepherd weighing about 50 lbs. She is very sweet, friendly and affectionate once she knows you. Initially, she will be a tad shy, but within a day, she is your best friend and gets attached to her people quickly.  Cinna is totally house trained and crate trained. She is good with most other dogs, but needs a slow and steady introduction (which is the case with most dogs). She is GREAT on leash, loves walks, and really enjoys her foster's beautiful back yard. PRIVACY FENCE REQUIRED!!   Cinna does need a yard with a privacy fence as she can jump over a chainlink or post/rail type of fence.  Cinna is great with men and women, and has been with children ages of 7 and older without issue.   She was born about October 2016.​

Sammy, age 2

Sammy is a darling neutered male purebred Applehead Chihuahua weighing just 7 lbs. He just loves to be held and loved on!!!   Sammy is great with cats and other dogs. He is house trained when let out frequently, and loves to be snuggled once he knows you. He will give kisses and loves affection and attention! At first, he is very shy, but in a couple of days, he is stuck to you like glue!  Sammy loves to play ball. He has been inside most of the time, and believe it or not, his prior owner litter box trained him! We aren't practicing that any more, but he is doing well with pottying outside.  If you have the time and patience to love this little boy, contact us below, or apply. We are seeking applicants who have chihuahua or small breed experience with a very safe yard and vet reference.  Sammy was born about May 2018. 

As of April 25

Chance, age 1

Chance is a very handsome neutered male short haired brown and black tabby cat weighing almost 10 lbs. The larger males are always so awesome, and here's another one! He is super friendly, affectionate, easy to handle and social. This guy is so easy!!!  Chance is living with a dog in his foster home without issue. He would likely be fine living with another cat if introduced slowly and appropriately. He just has a great personality, very easy going, happy about his new life!  This boy is completely litter box trained and is a great eater too.  Chance was born about September 2018.

Cisco, age 11

Cisco is a very well behaved neutered male Chug (Pug/Chihuahua mix) weighing about 18 lbs.  Cisco's owner was no longer able to care for him, so we are helping him find a new home.  He is friendly, easy going/laid back, good with other dogs, great with men and women, and children over the age of 10.  Cisco is a little curious about the cats in his foster home, but he is getting the hang of ignoring them, so we think that will be fine.  Cisco is house trained and crate trained. He is amazing on leash and LOVES to go for walks. He doesn't bark and carry on, he is just a sweet dog who needs a place to be loved for the rest of his golden years. Cisco was born about April 2009.​

Rusty, age 6 months

Rusty is a happy and friendly neutered male red Heeler mix weighing about 30 lbs. at age 6 months.  We expect Rusty to weigh about 40 - 43 lbs when fully grown.  This guy is playful, sweet and ready to play! He is loving playtime with foster siblings, so placing him in a home with another playful dog would be great.  Rusty is doing very well on house training and crate training. He is great with men, women and kids. He is learning the basics of indoor house manners, and already knows "sit"!  Rusty loves to play with a ball and we introduced him to "treat puzzles", where he needs to figure out how to get the treats out of toy-like devices. He is so smart, which is typical of Heelers.  Rusty is a great eater, and is very food motivated. This makes him easy to train. Check him out today -- he will make a great family pet. Rusty was born about September 2019. 

Sis, age 2

Sis is a beautiful, friendly, sweet and social spayed female calico cat weighing about 8 lbs. She is petite in size and her coat is medium - long in length. She is playful and loves her feather toy!  Sis likes to sit next to you on the couch and snuggle up, and be close to you, but we would not call her a "lap cat". She is completely litter box trained and has lived with other cats without issue. She is fearful of dogs though, so we would prefer to place her in a home without dogs.  Sis and Kibby are sisters.  Sis was born about April 2018.

George, age 9 months

George is a delightful neutered male Deerhead Chihuahua weighing 11 lbs. What a cutie! He has a darling personality and is very friendly, inquisitive and affectionate. George literally will wrap his front paws around your neck and give hugs and kisses. He loves attention!   George has mastered house training very quickly and is doing well in the crate, except over night when he prefers to sleep with/near you. He will circle near the door at potty time, he is a great signaler!   He loves his foster dog siblings and would probably be fine with a dog savvy cat. Children ages 8 and above should do well with this guy. George is working on leash walking, but he is a master at snuggling and cuddling.   George will do best when fed separately, like in his crate with the door closed. He is a tad food possessive, but the positive reinforcement training along with feeding him in a safe zone is working great. He is a smart dude!   He also likes car rides, so plan on getting a car seat so he can see out the window!  George was born about July 2019.​

As of April 18

Ruby, age 1

Ruby is a very sweet and docile spayed Shepherd/Boxer mix of 63lbs. She is so pretty; she has one blue eye and speckles on her muzzle.  Ruby is playful and active, but has a calm side to her as well. She is great with other dogs and will do best in a home with older kids as we are working on the "jumping" up on people. This girl is very social and outgoing. Such a great dog who can entertain herself!  Ruby loves to snuggle or play with toys. She has very good indoor dog manners. Ruby is completely house trained and crate trained. She enjoys durable chewing toys, so be sure she has plenty of chew appropriate items and she will stay away from your shoes! She is great on leash and is ready for that special place to call home!    She was born about December 2018.​

Lassie, age 3

Lassie is a gorgeous spayed female Golden Retriever mix weighing about 60 lbs. She is sweet, happy and ready for love. Lassie needs to be placed in a home with a privacy fence only because she can get over a chain link fence or lower wrought iron fence.  Lassie is house trained and crate trained.  She is a fast learner, affectionate and friendly. She is being fostered in an apartment setting and is great on leash. Lassie knows sit, off and come. Her energy level is mild, but she loves to run in a yard and play. She loves to snuggle with humans, so TV time is key for her!  She will do best with compatible dogs in her life, and has lived with cats successfully. She would do fine with kids over the age of 10 so as not to knock them over when she is playing.  She was born about January 2017.​

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