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As of Jan. 23

Chunk, age 3

Chunk is our handsome, big, super affectionate and easy going boy weighing 11 lbs. This cat is amazing so don't wait -- ask about him today!  Chunk is great with other cats and would likely be fine with dogs too if introduced slowly and appropriately. He is good with kids, men, & women. Chunk is one of those big boys who is "chill". Nothing upsets him and he is like a chameleon ... he adapts quickly and is just a joy at his foster home.   Chunk is completely litter box trained and very healthy!  It's time for this boy to find his new, real, forever home. Maybe it's with you.  He was born about December 2017.  ADOPTION ONLY to people living in northeastern Oklahoma.

Winston, age 3

Winston is a gorgeous brindle colored mix of an Australian Shepherd and a Heeler ... he is 3 years old and 60 lbs. We know his breed mixes because when his owner surrendered him to us, they confirmed he was born from those two dogs in their family! He has a cool color, brindle is like a tiger stripe.   Winston lived his first three years of his life on a chain. This is no way for a dog to live. He is loving and deserved to run, play and enjoy indoor living with people who love him and want to spend time with him. He is a VERY good dog!!   Winston is house trained and doing great with his crate training. He is good with other dogs when introduced appropriately and slowly. He is decent on leash and is learning to play with puzzle toys like a Kong, Kong Wobbler and enjoys chewing on Nyla bones.    Winston is a LOVER. He loves to snuggle and hug. He is affectionate and loves attention from his humans. He is working on not jumping up on his humans and has already learned "sit" and is working on "down" now. He learns quickly.   Winston will do best with a privacy fenced in back yard. We think he will be too curious about chain link.   Winston is a handsome boy who is ready for love. Is it with you?  Winston was born about October 2018. 

As of Jan. 10

Rigby, age 6

Rigby is a darling neutered male Chihuahua mix weighing about 8 lbs. He is friendly, lively, playful and happy! Rigby must be placed in a home with a safe and secure fence, no kids under the age of 10 and with a family who is familiar with small breed dogs. 
      This little guy was adopted from us back in 2014 by one of our wonderful volunteers. She fostered him, fell in love, and adopted him. Unfortunately, she passed away unexpectedly in early December 2020. We were happy to take Rigby back into our care, and find a new home for him to be loved.   Rigby is good with other dogs and cats - in fact, he lived with 5 cats! He was accustomed to sleeping in bed with his human mom, so crating can be challenging at night. If you like to snuggle in bed with your dog, then he will be fine, otherwise, we are still working on crate training! 
      Rigby has a great personality--- he really is a happy guy! When he gets excited, he walks away from you with his butt curving off to the side, all happy and excited to be picked up and loved on. It's darling.   Rigby is getting a refresher course on his house training, and is doing well.  Everyone at RnRAF is determined to place him in the best home possible. He deserves that, just like every other adoptable animal we have, but Rigby holds a special place in our hearts. His mom was awesome, and we need to do her proud.   So ... if you are ready for a super lovable, little guy your life, check him out today and email us!   Rigby was born about June 2014. 

Phoenix, age 4

Phoenix is a gorgeous neutered male short hair 10 lbs. He is so handsome and his green eyes stand out like emeralds!  Phoenix is a very affectionate cat, and will lay on your chest for hours if you let him.  He is good with other cats, enjoys some toys (wands and stuffed mice), is a great eater and is totally litter box trained.   He is great with his foster siblings comprised of 3 other cats. We think he would do fine with a dog in the home who is cat savvy if introduced slowly and appropriately.  We just love this little guy, and you will too. Help him find a home for the holidays! Phoenix is ready to meet his new family!   He was born about October 2016.  ADOPTION ONLY to people living in northeastern Oklahoma.

As of Dec. 19

Tiny, age 6 months

Tiny is a darling, black, female kitten of 6 months old and 6 lbs as of 11/26/20. She is just the sweetest thing ever!   Tiny is a typical adolescent kitten. She is curious, playful and ready for the next adventure! She is very sweet and independent but also loves to snuggle and be held.   She LOVES toys ... wands, bouncing things, toys that light up, you name it, she is a play monster!   Tiny is completely litter box trained. She was born about May 27, 2020.  ADOPTION ONLY to people living in northeastern Oklahoma.

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