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Edison, age 1

Meet Edison, our handsome neutered male black beauty! This boy weighs 12 lbs and gaining. Edison was pretty skinny at intake, so we are glad he has such a great appetite. Actually, he easily eats about 1 cup of kibble per day and that's a lot, but he is a large cat and has room to gain a few more lbs.   generally, these large boys are very affectionate and loving. Edison is just like this and he loves to be with his peeps, on them, like on your chest cuddling ... there are times when he can't get close enough! He is a talker too ... chatty about food, lovin' and whatever the mood strikes.   We haven't had him around other cats or dogs yet, but we think he would probably do ok with a very slow acclimation to them. There is a specific way to introduce new cats to your environment, and we are happy to guide you with the steps to take for success.   He can be playful and will engage once he is comfortable in a new setting. Wands are usually a big hit with cats, and laser light too.   Edison is completely litter box trained.    He was born about August 2019.  ADOPTION ONLY to people living in northeastern Oklahoma.

Please contact Amy at 918-688-0755 or if you are interested in this cat.  Or CLICK HERE​ to download, then complete and submit an application. 


The adoption fee is $75.00 and includes current vaccinations, deworming, negative feline leukemia test, and neuter surgery.

Nola, age 1

NO PHONES CALLS - EMAILS ONLY PLEASE. To be eligible to apply, you must live within 30 mins of Tulsa, have a privacy fence, a vet reference and dog experience. Thank you.  

Nola is our fun and loving spayed female Irish Wolfhound/Standard Schnauzer mix female weighing about 56 lbs. This girl is pretty special, so we will definitely be picky about placing her in the perfect home.   Nola can be shy at first, for about a few minutes, LOL ... then look out, she thinks she is a small lap dog in disguise. She is very loving, affectionate, incredibly smart and energetic. When Nola is out of her shell and comfortable in her space, she comes to life, bouncing around, acting playful and sometimes gets a little out of control! She has a great personality and can be very animated.   Nola is house trained if taken out routinely. She is doing great with her crate training and doesn't generally make a peep overnight. She will crate too when you aren't at home. She is decent on leash, but can certainly improve, so we are working on this.

      Nola will benefit greatly from a basic obedience class.   She loves her chew bones and can be mouthy when she plays, so we will not place her in a home with young children. This is something we are working on, of course. Tug 'o war is one of her favorite games as is playing chase with a high value toy.   Nola is low shedding, in fact, she barely sheds. Her coat is a little coarse AND soft ... but her ears are like velvet.   We think she would do best with someone who can provide her with a routine exercise plan. She can either be an only dog, or live with another dog once a slow and proper acclimation and introduction occurs. We don't think living with a cat would be safe. She is overly interested in them, barks at them and will probably chase them.   She really is a great dog. Oh, and car rides ... she likes to ride shot gun with her seat belt harness cuz she likes to drive for you, or rest her head on your lap while you're driving. Just not a good idea!!! Nola doesn't have her drivers license, so we recommend either the back seat and/or a seat belt harness when in the car.   Nola was born about January 2020. 


Please contact Amy at if you are interested in this dog.    Or CLICK HERE to download, then complete and submit an application. Adopters must live in the area of northeastern Oklahoma.


The adoption fee is $250.00 and includes current vaccinations, negative heartworm test, deworming, microchip and spay surgery.

Peggy Lee, age 2


Paige is spayed female Siamese who weighs about 10 lbs. Peggy Lee is friendly and loves to be brushed.  She gets along with the friendly dog in her foster home, but prefers not to be with other cats.  Her left ear has had an old injury and has some scaring. She is very healthy and ready for adoption.  She was born around June 2013.


Please contact Linda at 918-408-5272 or, if you are interested in her.


Adoption fee of $90.00 includes current vaccinations, deworming and spay surgery.


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