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Cat and Dog of the Week 

Peggy Lee, age 2


Paige is spayed female Siamese who weighs about 10 lbs. Peggy Lee is friendly and loves to be brushed.  She gets along with the friendly dog in her foster home, but prefers not to be with other cats.  Her left ear has had an old injury and has some scaring. She is very healthy and ready for adoption.  She was born around June 2013.


Please contact Linda at 918-408-5272 or, if you are interested in her.


Adoption fee of $90.00 includes current vaccinations, deworming and spay surgery.



ELIGIBLE APPLICANTS must live within 30 mins of Tulsa,
have a secure
fenced in yard, and a solid vet reference.

AMAZING DOG ALERT!  Take a look at this sweet senior guy named Skeeter! Skeeter is a precious Chihuahua mix of 9 yrs old and 19 lbs. He is very healthy and needs to lose a few more pounds to get to his ideal weight.  Skeeter was adopted from us several years ago, but was returned because his family was moving out of state and didn't want to make the proper accommodations to bring him along. On top of this sadness, they allowed him to become very overweight. Thankfully, he still has the same sweet spirit he had before AND he has already lost several pounds and is on his way to looking fabulous! 

     Skeeter has a front right leg deformity. It doesn’t seem to bother him at all. He can run around the yard and play like a dog with a normal foot. As if his recent story wasn't 'enough, he was either born this way with his foot, or it was broken at one time and not properly repaired by the people who owned him. He was originally abandoned inside of an apartment, which is how he ended up in our rescue program many years ago.  Don't let a few pounds get in the way of loving this guy.  He is super sweet, happy, funny, friendly, affectionate, and is good with everyone he meets!

     Skeeter always has a smile on his face!  He loves being a great snuggle buddy for just about anyone!  Skeeter is great with other dogs and cats at his foster home.  He loves playing with his special blue stuff toy and most other stuffed toys.  He is does well walking on a leash and walking is a great way to shed a few pounds.  Skeeter is house trained and will crate if needed, but generally has good indoor doggie manners and would also do fine behind a baby gate versus the crate option.  This guy enjoyed his Halloween and Christmas costumes; so tolerant and calm about the whole dress up thing! He truly is a great dog. 

      Skeeter can be placed in a home as an only dog, or with other dogs. He seemed to ignore the cats at the vet's office. He is a moderate shedder, probably a 5 on scale of 1-10 with 10 being extremely high shedding.  Skeeter prefers a laid back home so we would prefer to only place him in a home where the children are over the age of 12.  This handsome guy will make a wonderful and loving companion, so check him out today!  Skeeter was born about April 2014.

Please contact Amy at 918-688-0755 or if you are interested in this dog.    Or CLICK HERE to download, then complete and submit an application.If you have trouble emailing, you can always text a pic of your app to Amy at 918-688-0755. Adopters must live within 30 minutes of Tulsa since we do home visits on every applicant who is approved on paper.


The adoption fee is $225.00 and includes current vaccinations, negative heartworm test, deworming, microchip and neuter surgery.


ELIGIBLE APPLICANTS must live within 45 minutes of the Tulsa area
due to the home visit requirement. You must have feline experience
and a vet reference. No exceptions.

Meet Zippy, our male FRONT DECLAWED Tuxedo cat! This handsome boy is 8 years old and 17 lbs. Yes, you read that correctly, he is a BIG cat for sure!  Zippy's owner went to assisted living and was too frail to take him with her. He is settling in nicely to his foster home. He makes the cutest little noises, like a little critter, soft and chirpy at times. Not sure what he is trying to tell us yet! Maybe he's trying to say, "help, I am a small, little cat in a big cat body"! Or, "why can't they make low fat cat treats"? Or, "hey, size doesn't matter, don't believe what they say about this"!  Honestly, Zippy isn't too "zippy", he is quite the couch potato. He lived a very sedentary life with his elderly owner, so he is accustomed to life in slow motion, a quiet atmosphere and definitely no kids. So, if you are in search of a mellow dude who enjoys couch surfing, eating Bon Bons and long afternoons by the TV, Zippy is probably your guy!

     He was very temporarily placed in a home with young kids and he absolutely hated it, so ... too busy, too loud and way too many children darting in every direction driving him nuts and scaring him. We will only place this calm boy in a quiet, adult home.  Zippy just likes to chill and hang out. He would always sit on the couch or in the recliner with his prior owner, enjoying soap operas, Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune and old Johnny Carson reruns. He was crushed when the Days of Our Lives went off the air. He has succumbed to watching General Hospital now and he dreams of the day when Luke and Laura will be reunited. We don't have the heart to tell him Luke has moved on, like literally. 

     Zippy is a good eater, imagine that ... but is being switched to a low fat cat food mixed with some hairball control. He doesn't eat any wet food, just dry is fine for him! He will lose a few pounds for sure on a healthier, more regimented and restricted diet.  He tried to make friends with his female foster cat friend, and he didn't react ... but, she was a little freaked out as he tried to smell her face too much too fast, so we will try again later this week. He will probably be fine with another mellow cat in his new home. He apparently had the company of a small dog on occasion, from the daughter, so we think small, cat savvy dogs would be ok for him.  He is friendly once he knows you, and likes head scratches, ear scratches and a back scratch too! He also seems to want this affection, so that's great! He seems to be a very loyal guys who misses his elderly lady buddy, so we know he has love in his heart to give, we just need to find the right human(s) to give it back to him in return!  Zippy is completely litter box trained, no issues here. He has very good indoor cat manners! Zippy was born about March 2015.

ADOPTIONS ONLY TO PEOPLE LIVING IN THE NORTHEASTERN OKLAHOMA AREA. This means you need to live no more than 30 mins maximum from Tulsa, OK since we do home visits on every applicant who is approved on paper.

Please contact Amy at 918-688-0755 or if you are interested in this cat.  Or CLICK HERE​ to download, then complete and submit an application.  If you have trouble emailing, you can always text a pic of your app to Amy at 918-688-0755.


The adoption fee is $100.00 and includes current vaccinations, deworming, negative feline leukemia test, and spay surgery.

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