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The pets on this page have special medical needs requiring costly treatment.  Your donation of any amount helps us help them.  Every cent of Medical Needs donations pays veterinary expenses.  We are happy to provide a receipt if we have your contact information.  


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Shadow, age 7


Oct. 26, 2019.  Please read this story about our SHADOW, who is so deserving of vision. We need your financial support to help give his sight back to him and live a long, fruitful life filled with things he can SEE! If 300 Facebook followers donated $10.00, Shadow would be set! Our fundraising goal is $3,000.00 to cover the pre-op, surgery and after care visits by Dr. Pucket, at Oklahoma Veterinary Specialists in Tulsa, OK. He is an amazing surgeon and we are 100% confident we will have successful results. Surgery is NEXT WEEK!!! Please, donate today!

Our sweet Shadow was not found in the condition you see him in today. In fact, he was matted to the bone, filthy dirty, down right gross. Just another stray in Tulsa who needed help finding his way to safety, love and forever and RnRAF is honored to help him find forever and VISION!

Shadow is a purebred Cocker Spaniel of 7 years old and 31 lbs. He is mostly black with a tad of white on his chest and 100% sweet. This dog is super friendly, happy, has never met a stranger, even with his limited vision -- which is very unusual. Most dogs with impaired vision aren’t generally friendly, but leery since they can’t see who is approaching them. Not Shadow, he is special, he literally loves everyone he meets without hesitation.

MEDICALLY SPEAKING … this breed typically has eye issues, and Shadow is no exception. His right eye has a prolapse of the gland of the third eyelid, commonly called a “cherry eye”. His cherry eye is chronic and needs repair. The longer the tear gland is out of position, the more likely it is to begin to have reduced production of tears, causing “dry eye”. He also has corneal scarring and inflammation and an advanced cataract with posterior luxation of the lens. Basically, this means the lens has fallen out of position to float around in the back of the eye. The biggest risk with leaving the lens where it is would be the risk of it falling into the front chamber of the eye to obscure fluid flow and rapidly increase pressure to cause glaucoma and vision loss completely. His left eye has an advanced cataract which is greatly impacting his vision. HIS EYEBALLS ARE A MESS!!! Shadow can barely see, and bumps into things regularly, but is navigating better around his foster home. As you have read though, there are other risks without doing the surgery, so what do we do, euthanize him? This is NOT an option. This dog is too good and we won’t do that to his precious life.

You see, Shadow is just amazing. Most rescues would not make this investment in a dog since funds are not generally available. It’s a big undertaking, and we will do what we have to, but surgery really seems to be the right thing for him. He had a crappy life until he found rescue, so why not make it better for him if we can?

Shadow is great with other dogs, both large and small. He is house trained and has figured out the doggie door too! He was probably left outside a bunch in his prior life, so as you can imagine, he is not a huge fan of being outside for very long. He tends to do his business, then go back inside to find his favorite toy. Oh toys … this boy, well, he has a love affair with toys, but the one you see him holding in his mouth is his favorite. At night, he lines his toys up near him and just hangs out with them, swapping them in and out. He doesn’t guard them from the other dogs; he just keeps a close eye on them. It’s just darling. He probably never had toys before, but now, he’s making up for lost time!

As mentioned above, rescue groups don’t usually have funds for expensive surgeries. We do what we can with the basic costs of spay and neuter, vaccines, heartworm testing, microchipping, deworming, flea/tick prevention, grooming, etc. But every once in a while, a special dog comes along that really makes your heart melt and pulls on every string to your heart. Shadow is one of those dogs.

Today, most of us can turn on our favorite TV show and snuggle up to watch it in delight. We can see a rainbow after a hard, sunny rain and we can watch the sunrise or try to find the shapes in the Man in the Moons face tonight, but Shadow can’t do any of that.... he can't even see those pesky squirrels out in the yard! Yes, he is a dog … BUT … he is only 7 years old and has so many years of life ahead of him. We know an amazing adopter will come into his life, and Shadow will enrich that person’s life too. We will change at least two lives by helping him see again.

Please, make a donation today for Shadow. Pictures don’t do him justice. His coat is so soft and silky now after quality food, care and grooming. He is a great dog. If you are one of those dog lovers who cry when you see those animal rescue commercials, you would cry when Shadow opens his eyes after surgery for the first time. This is life changing, and you can be a part of it.


Make a donation today by clicking on a button above. Let’s do this!!

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UPDATE: 10/31/2019 Post Surgery

Shadow is doing great. There is minimal swelling and his eyes look clear. His pressures were also good. Shadow goes back for his next follow up on 11/12. At that time, he probably won't have to wear the "cone of courage" anymore!

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