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RnRAF is in the process of closing down indefinitely. We are no longer taking in any new dogs or cats. If you adopted a dog or cat from us, please read the instructions below about how we are managing “returns”.

Surrendering a pet or stray? Click the button below.

 call Volunteer Amy at 918-688-0755 
for info on our dogs or a personal meet ‘n greet!

Please read carefully as RnRAF IS IN THE PROCESS OF CLOSING DOWN. Effective immediately, RnRAF is no longer taking in cats or dogs who are strays of owner surrenders. We are only able to manage RnRAF RETURNS (cats/dogs previously adopted from RnRAF) through Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF).

Click the button above for a list of shelters and rescue resources for strays and owner surrenders.


ADOPTION RETURN: If you adopted from RnRAF and need to return the dog or cat, contact Amy at 918-688-0755 for assistance. Tulsa-based rescue, Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF), has agreed to take RnRAF returns. If you cannot reach Amy, contact ARF at the “ARF house” at or by calling 918-622-5962. The staff at ARF will help you with the return.


STRAY DOGS or CATS: If you have found a stray, first have the animal checked for a microchip at any vet’s office. It is free to do this. Carefully get the animal to the vet, and a staff member will scan the animal for the microchip and help you get in contact with the owner, if one exists. If there is no microchip, please contact your local animal control for an intake appointment and/or reach out to all rescues in your area for assistance.

Check out our downloadable list of rescues above.


PET SURRENDER: Unfortunately, Oklahoma has a huge over population of unwanted dogs and cats. Many rescues are full, but there are some opportunities if you work hard for your pet. Be sure to check prospective new owners out well to protect your pet from getting into the wrong hands.


DONATIONS: We are no longer accepting donations, but we endorse and encourage you to donate to ARF Tulsa, PINT (Paws in Need Tulsa) and T-Town TNR. Each of these worthy rescue organizations has a Facebook page, so check them out!


Thank you for your support over the years. All of us at RnRAF wish you and your pet the very best!

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